Cool Sms

Two people were asking me about you, I gave them your address and cell number. They will be visiting you soon. Their names are Joy and Happiness. May you embrace them with open arms! Have a blessed day

Receive my simple gift of GOOD MORNING wrapped with sincerity, tied with care and sealed with a prayer to keep u safe n happy all day long! Take Care!

As day turns to NIGHT, keep your worries out of SIGHT. No matter how TOUGH the world may seem you still deserve the SWEETEST DREAM ! GUD NIGHT!

Things to take note when u sleep: Miss me, think of me, hug me, and love me. Try to sleep now and close ur eyes. Get prepared to dream of me. Good Night!

Let everyday b a dream u can touch. Let everyday b a luv u can feel. Let everyday b a reason to live bcoz life indeed is beautiful. Have a Gud day.
With atomic and meteoric regards, my volcanic impulse trembles every time I greet a person with a magnitude of character and charm like you.
We never hv what we like, we never like what we hv still we live, luv n hope that some day we'll get what we luv or luv what we hv! That's life. Hv a nice day!

Rich people travel in cars, poor people travel in carts but people like you travel in hearts. Have a gud day!

Through each day our goal is to touch one's heart; encourage one's mind & inspire one's soul. May u continually b blessed & b a blessing to others! Gud Day!
Life is full of beautiful things: soft sunsets, painted rainbows, delicate blossoms, luv & laughter, quiet moments & fantastic people like me. Enjoy it!