Flirty Sms

When I see you,
my heart beats a little faster,
my stomach feels a little lighter,
my smile shines a little brighter.

L-Language Of Heart,
O-Origin Of Beauty,
V-Very Interesting,
E-Eye Connection.

Your Lips Like a vodka,
i want to get Wasted.

If you live for 100 more days,
then I want to live for 100 more days minus one,
so that I’d never have to live without you.

My name is I,
My problem is love,
My solution is you.

All females need males,
Barbie needs her Ken,
Minnie needs her Mickey,
Cinderella needs her prince,
and what I need is you.

If I was a fish in the sea,
I would love to be,
Right next to thee,
Nibbling at your toes,
Peaking at your nose,
Moving down to see,
Your beautiful,
Round Knee.

Baby without you I’m like Chemistry without equation and
Physics without derivation.

My Attitude :-
A boy proposed to me.
And I said:
“Sorry, I wont accept your proposal,
But I appreciate your selection.

why should i flirt,
Wen i’m capable of loving.