Kiss SMS

If kissing was just 2 people touching lips, it wouldn't touch our hearts and bind our souls the way it does
Kiss ME Kiss ME hold me Hug me Love me wholeheartedly to talk to my soul.
A Heart Touching Fight-

GIRL- "I want to end our Relationship.
I m going to return evrything u gav me"
BOY- "Ok... then, Let's Start wid
Hugs & Kisses....
Kiss Is The First Step To
Show How Much I Love You,
How Much I Think About
You, How Much I Miss U
And Show That I Trust U..
`,°, ` °,,
('v') < ' )
(( )) (( ))>
-*-* **– “Hi Sweety“
`° , `°,
( '< <' )
(( )) (( ))>
*-*—**– "On your lips"
"Kissing You"
"What Each Kiss Means"
Kiss On The Forehead:
We're Cute Together
Kiss On The Cheek:
We're Friends.
Kiss On The Hand: I Adore You.
Kiss On The Neck:
I Want You, Now.
Kiss On The Shoulder:
Your Perfect.
Kiss On The Lips: I LOVE YOU...
- Kiss on the Forehead: We're cute together .
- Kiss on the Cheek: We're friends.
- Kiss on the Hand: I adore you.
- Kiss on the Neck: I want you, now.
- Kiss on the Shoulder: Your perfect.
- Kiss on the Lips: I LOVE YOU...
A Kiss Is Just A Kiss Till U
Find The 1 U Luv. A Hug Is
Just A Hug Till U Find The 1
U're Always Thinkin Of. A Dream
Is Just A Dream Till It Comes
True. Luv Was Just A
Word Till I Heard It From U.