Kiss SMS

A peach is a peach, a plum is a plum;
A kiss is not a kiss, unless it's with tongue.
So part your lips and close your eyes;
And give your tongue some exercise!
I'm feeling like Cadbury Silk... someone please kiss me!
If loving was against the law and kissing was a crime;
I would gladly spend my life with you in prison doing time!
The fluffy cloud may kiss the sky;
The rose may kiss the butterfly;
The morning due may kiss the grass;
But you my friend, may kiss my lips!
Life is the gift of God;
Love is the gift of Life;
And a Kiss is the gift of Love!

Law of Kissing:
Any lip that has been kissed can be kissed again if the kisser and the kissed, agree that the kiss which was kissed was a damn good kiss.
So how about a kiss!

Love is blind;
Be very kind;
When I kiss you;
Please don't mind.

I feel alive when you kiss me.
~ Missy Lyons
My lips are chapped. I think they're dying without the touch of yours!
FACT: Kissing burns 5.4 calories a minute... Ummm, wanna work out?