Kiss SMS

The way you kiss, it unlocks not only my lips... it unlocks my heart and soul to you.
Waiting for this divine moment to occur again and again in my life!

Kiss on hand, kiss on head;
Kiss on cheeks, kiss on lips;
But nothing to compare the kiss that's deep;
So let's kiss forever and slumber into dreams!

Take some kisses and also give me some;
My life is barren when I get none;
Make my lips moist, make me moan;
Lie beside me till eternity when it's done!

Crime of Passion:
Stealing may be grand larceny but stealing a kiss is just grand!
What is a Kiss?
Geometry: Kiss is the shortest distance between two lips.
Economics: Kiss is that thing for which demand is always higher than supply.
PHYSICS: Kiss is the process of charging a human body.
Computer: Kiss like a LAN, in which two bodies cannot connect without a Data Cable!

What kisses mean.
Kiss on Hand = I adore you.
Kiss on Cheek = Let's be friends.
Kiss on Neck = I want you.
Kiss on Lips = I love you!

Kissing is like real estate. The most important thing is:
And Location!
The best kiss is the one that has been exchanged a thousand times between the eyes before it reaches the lips!

Kabhi Naak Pe
Kabhi Gaal Pe
Kiss Kadar
Makhiya Tang Karti Hain!
Ab Aap Nahaoge Nahi To Aisa Hi Hoga Na?

Your kiss came as a surprise, something remarkable, something sensational.
You unlocked my sealed lips, and I would allow you to do it again!